Great 40th Wedding Anniversary Idea

Published : 19/05/2009 06:33:26
Categories : Party Planning and Entertainment

As in golf, the second Major is the 40th wedding anniversary, I consider it the Masters. The first being the 25th and I think of that one as the Open, all things being equal getting past the 25th is still a question mark. Of course I may be talking to a wall here because if you are that much in to golf you probably won't make it to your 40th wedding anniversary. So let's get a little traditional by saying that your 40th is the Ruby anniversary and if you are there congratulations, in this day and age you are way in the minority, so it’s a very special occasion and should be treated as such. Don’t go skimping on this one or your spouse may not talk to you again till the 50th Hmmm..

Go the whole hog on this if you can, maybe a trip to London and a reservation at the Lanesborough at Hyde Park corner for Afternoon Tea, while you’re at it get a reservation at the Dorchester for the night, and dinner in the Grill, the décor in the Grill is ruby red, get it? And the food and service are superbe! Between Tea and Dinner take in a play, how about "Les Miz," at the Queens Theatre on Shaftsbury Ave or "Chicago" at the Cambridge on Earlham street.

If you have already checked it at the Dorchester, (a good idea) the Hotel has a car and that’s the way to go, they will drop you in time and pick you up when it's over. There are other ways to spend your retirement savings but I can't think of a more special way to tell your lovely Bride that on this 40th wedding anniversary you would do it all over again.

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