Great Alternatives To Traditional Birthday Cake

Published : 02/07/2016 13:53:01
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We’ve got something a little different for you all today - instead of picking the best custom made cakes to match your specific party theme we are looking at great alternatives to traditional birthday cake.

While we pride ourselves on offering the most wonderfully wide range of tasty and exciting birthday cakes here at Parteaz we know that sometimes even the most conservative of party host likes to break from the mould every now and then and try something new. Going in search of a great alternative to traditional birthday cake is becoming more and more popular, especially for those in their late teens and early twenties, so we've put together our pick of the best alternatives to traditional birthday cakes we've seen on the market so far.

Birthday cakes are often the centerpiece of a party and as you can see from this list below all our choices for alternatives to traditional birthday cake can also serve as a focal point for your guests, and would work alongside one of our traditional birthday cakes as well as an alternative to them.

Cheese Wheel Cake

Rising in popularity year on year, Cheese Wheel Cakes are now a big thing in party planning.

Normally made of three wheels of cheese and served alongside crackers and chutneys, these cakes are great for evening parties where you need to feed your guests and don't wish to pay for a full buffet.

Doughnut Stack

If your guest of honour has a sweet tooth but you fancy serving a funky alternative to traditional birthday cake then a Doughnut Stack could be a great choice for you.

Great Alternatives To Traditional Birthday Cake

Simply select the doughnuts and decor (flowers, ribbons, colour scheme) that matches your birthday party theme and stack the doughnuts in a decorative way on a cake platter or tiered plate to create your party centerpiece.

Snow Cones

Snow Cones are a fab retro party treat that could work fantastically as an alternative to traditional birthday cake. Great fun for children and adults, snow cones are sure to put a smile on the face of all who come to your party.

As well as being enjoyable, snow cones are also incredibly simple to make. All you need to do is crush your ice in a blender (most have a crushed ice setting) to create your fluffy snow, scoop it into your paper cones and then top with flavored syrups (the ones used in coffees work great for this) or you can make your own with this great recipe, then serve.

Great Alternatives To Traditional Birthday Cake

Juice Bar

For those who are looking for a slightly healthier alternative to traditional birthday cake then a Juice Bar may be just the option you are looking for.

If you have a juicer/blender at home then great, you can set up a table with fresh fruit, vegetables, coconut water and nut milks and let your guests create their our fantastic concoctions, however if you don’t have a juicer then you can improvise with cartons of fresh juices for your guests to mix as they wish and lots of pre cut fresh fruit for them to garnish their finished creations with.

Great Alternatives To Traditional Birthday Cake

Do you have any great alternatives to traditional birthday cake? We would love to hear from you with your ideas.




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