Great Cakes For A Summer BBQ Party

Published : 23/07/2016 12:52:45
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We are currently in the middle of a few good days of weather at Parteaz HQ here in Essex so naturally all of our thoughts have turned to making great cakes for a summer BBQ.

There is something so innately British about firing up the BBQ and cooking dinner al fresco don't you think? The smell of sausages and burgers gently grilling over the crackling coals, ready to be sandwiched within a freshly baked roll and smothered in sauce before being washed down with an ice-cold beer. That right there is what summer is all about.

Once the food has been eaten it's time for a dip in the paddling pool to cool off before the water fight begins, and if you’re anything like us the water fight will be more for the adults than the kids. Isn't it great how summer can bring out the inner child in us all?

And the reward for the winning team? Well I'm sure you'll agree that there is no better reward for a water fight victory than a slice of one of our great cakes for a summer BBQ.

Great Cakes For A Summer BBQ

Champagne Bottle 

If your garden gathering were a family celebration then our sparkling Champagne Bottle would make a great cake for a summer BBQ. Really setting your party off in style, this cake comes in a choice of chocolate or vanilla sponge and can be personalised with a message of your choice. 

Jacket Potato

With burgers and ribs on the menu this fun jacket potato cake would make a great choice for a summer BBQ party menu. Served in an edible foil wrap and topped with fondant butter this quirky centerpiece is sure to put a smile on the faces of your guests, and leave their bellies full and happy too.

Giant Cupcake

Our famous giant cupcakes, starting at just £79, come decorated with flowers and butterflies making them great cakes for a summer BBQ.  Available in a white and pink or chocolate brown colour scheme this cake just screams summertime to us. If you are looking to design on of our butterflies giant cupcakes to match your own colour scheme then one of our design team will be on hand to talk your though our custom made cake options.

Swimming Party

With paddling pools being an essential garden party activity (extra points if you have either a hot tub or slip and slide) our swimming party cake would make a great choice for a summer BBQ celebration. If your summer BBQ party is for a special celebration then why not ask for the person topping the cake to be modeled on your guest of honour.

Garden Cake

Our final choice of great cakes for a summer BBQ was an easy one. Our garden cake makes for a perfect finishing touch to any all fresco celebration. As always our dedicated team of cake designers are on hand if you wish to customise your cake, maybe by modeling it on your very own garden.


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