Great Dinosaur Party Bags

Published : 11/02/2009 18:37:38
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One of the greatest party bags I ever saw was for a birthday party my son attended last year. The theme of the birthday was dinosaurs, and the boy's parents did a fantastic job at making some great dinosaur party bags.

My eight year old son has been playing football with a group of boys for the last three years. They all attend each other's birthday parties, and this creates some problems for us parents. We always have to come up with a theme that our boy likes, and that hasn’t been used in the last couple of months. You just can't have two consecutive Scooby Doo parties.

We had a science themed party for my son that included some dinosaur stuff. The parents of one of the kids really liked what we did, and told us that they were going to plan A Dinosaur Party Theme for their son. This was complete with a Tyrannosaurus Rex cake, balloons, and party bags.

The party bags were some of the best I had ever seen. The printed image on the outside of the bag was a dinosaur's head, so it looked like you were putting your hand in its mouth. Inside there were some rubber dinosaurs, and dinosaur stickers. Stickers are always fun. I don't know where, but they found some sweets that were shaped like dinosaur bones. They also found round hollow bubble gum that had coloured spots on it. These were dinosaur eggs. The boys absolutely loved these party bags. One kid pointed out that they had all the stages of dinosaur life-dinosaur eggs, full grown dinosaurs, and extinct dinosaurs.

What made these party bags so great? They were creative. The boys loved them. All of the sweets and toys, and the bag itself, matched the theme. Most of the contents could be eaten, and the dinosaur skeletons wouldn't break into a thousand pieces if I stepped on them. These are one of the few party bag fillers that my son still has, almost a year later.

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