Great Grades party celebration

Published : 26/04/2009 07:06:09
Categories : Party Themes and Occasions

Your child has just brought home an outstanding report card from school. What better way to reward his or her academic efforts than having a party? Invite your child's school friends over for a face painting event with Snazaroo Face Paints. Make the good grades party a wild animal theme, which is sure to delight the children.

Send out Jungle Party Invites for the event, and indicate that it is a surprise! SHHHH! Order matching Jungle Party accessories for the day, such as plates, cups and matching napkins.

On the day of the party, make the kitchen the designated area to paint the faces of the children. Have matching Jungle Party bags for the boys and girls, this will keep them busy. Include a disposable camera for the kids to take pictures of one another.

After the children are made up with their favourite animal face, it is time to play a game. In party preparation, adults can make construction paper drawings of what type of food the wild animal eat. On the flip side of the drawing, write the animal's country of origin. When the children give the correct answer to the game, reward them with a small prize like Stretchy lizard or a bird glider. This is an educational experience and a fun game for everyone.

No party is complete without the Tiger Cake for the celebration, it will be a huge hit! Don't forget the candles that your prize student can blow out as everyone yells "Congratulations!" on a Job Well Done.

Having a surprise party for academic achievement is exciting for your child and rewarding for all. It's a great way to reward your child for working hard throughout the year and a great way of encouraging them to continue in their efforts to achieve good grades in the months to come.

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