Guinness is the corner stone for your St.Patricks day Party

Published : 25/01/2009 13:55:53
Categories : Seasonal Parties

After the holiday rush is complete, you may feel a little empty thinking that you have nothing to look forward to for a while. However, there is no need to despair, because for true party enthusiasts, the new year is the best time to start planning for a March St. Patrick's Day party!

Now for those of you who think that St.Patricks Day is merely a day of corned beef, leprechauns, and plenty of Guinness, you are completely right! However, with the right planning, it can be a day of merriment amongst your family, and a great day to take off and simply enjoy with your friends.   This is one reason why you should plan your Party early, as your mates are going to need advance notice if they want to take the day off work so they can join you, as well as the following day off to recover!

Planning a St, Patrick's day party doesn't have to be hard, other than ordering a beer keg, a few party supplies and decorations and dialling up a pizza or Indian takeaway. A trip to the local pub and of course plenty of Guinness on tap are mandatory requirements and quite frankly the corner stone of any St. Patrick's day party. Do your bit for this economic recession and support your local publican – I'm heading off this Sunday afternoon to do just that :)

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