Halloween Cocktail Ideas To Die For...

Published : 17/10/2011 22:08:54
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Glassware and plastic drinks glasses for every occasionAs you may have noticed from a few of our recent blog posts we're quite excited about Halloween. It's a great excuse for a party, for costumes, spooky fun and games and much more - what's not to like? In today's post we thought we'd share a couple of neat ideas for transforming your regular cocktails into spookier versions - and some of these ideas can be used with children's drinks too.

There's a fly in my drink Pick up a pack of plastic flies, available from any decent joke shop. Place one in each ice cube compartment when filling up with water, and freeze them with the flies inside. These ice cubes look revolting!

A radioactive cocktail You know those glow sticks that seem to be at every Halloween party and fireworks night? They make great cocktail sticks! Simply crack the sticks to make them glow, and pop them straight in the drinks for an illuminating experience. Best not for children's drinks though.

The colour's a bit off Food colouring can be excellent for drinks, turning anything into a gory blood red or a vomit green goo! Only place a drop or two in the liquid though.

I've got my eye on this drink This is one of our favourites - fiddly, but very effective. Grab a radish and peel most of it, leaving a few wiggly red bits of skin to look like veins on an eyeball! For the coloured iris grab an olive and cut in half. Then cut out a section of the 'eyeball' and stuff the olive inside, open end out. You can either freeze these and drop them in a drink, or serve as they are!

My glass is half there In the shops these days is a bewildering array of novelty glassware for Halloween, with everything from Martini glasses to pint glasses with skulls, claws, teeth and all manner of other ghostly symbols and appendages attached. These make any drink look like a spirit!

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