Happy 50th To A Rock Star Legend

Published : 06/03/2012 15:35:12
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Browse our rock star range of party productsToday, March 6th, we celebrate the 50th birthday of a quiet chap called William Bruce Bailey. If you haven't heard of William Bruce Bailey then possibly that's because you know him by his stage name of Axl Rose, the lead vocalist of the hard rock band Guns N'Roses. Happy half century to you Axl! Gun N'Roses were most active during the eighties and early nineties, although a more recent revival has seen the band introduced to a whole new audience.

Like old brooms which have had several new handles and a few new heads, the iconic rock band has seen several changes of membership, and Axl Rose is now in fact the only original band member from those happy days of 30 odd years ago. It's hard to believe he started his singing career in the church choir (admittedly aged five) before working his way through several bands in his late teens and early twenties, before finally establishing Guns N'Roses in 1985 (nearly thirty years ago!) Rock bands are always iconic for every generation, whatever type of rock you happen to call it.

In fact one of the most popular and growing party themes for children right now is the rock star series of party decorations. These loud, vibrant and very distinctive party products are ideal for any young fan of music, pop music or rock music, and are just as suitable for older children. They also come in extra large budget packs to help your money go further. So if your 'Sweet Child Of Yours' doesn't have the 'Patience' to wait for their birthday then 'Don't Cry' because 'It's So Easy' to have a whole heap of rock band party products delivered just as fast as the 'Nightrain' can get to you. Please do feel free to either groan loudly, or submit your own Guns N'Roses quip below in the comments section!

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