Happy Birthday James Herriot - How To Plan An Animal Themed Party

Published : 03/10/2012 14:39:48
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Happy Birthday James HerriotToday, October 3rd, is the birthday of one of the world's best known and most loved veterinarians, James Herriot. Actually named Alf Wight, James Herriot wrote many well known books, including All Creatures Great And Small, which later resulted in the well known television series. James Herriot helped to transform many people's impressions of what Yorkshire was like, from a grey, smoke streaked collection of dismal factories and chimneys, to a glorious expanse of rolling countryside, lush dales and rugged moors, interspersed with idyllic English villages not so much built as grown from local stone.

He also helped to encourage a whole generation of people to consider becoming a vet, and I know several vets today were inspired by him as a child. Animals have also held a fascination with many people, especially children, which is why animal themed parties have remained one of the most popular choices over the years. If your child loves animals then there are certainly plenty of options to choose from, ranging from sea life party themes which explore everything from sharks and jellyfish to dolphins and clownfish, to African safari party themes which include lions and tigers!

Of course closer to home there are horse and pony party themes, farm animal party themes and pets at home, such as dogs and cats. There really is an amazing range of animal related themes and products for children's parties, but it doesn't have to end simply with the decorations. Because children's parties are very much about fun, and two ways in which you can achieve this is by having a fancy dress party, and by theming the games.

Children love fancy dress, and an animal party certainly offers a great deal of scope for fun. Whether it's a sea life party or a cats and dogs party, the children will love getting dressed up and seeing all their friends in costume too. But you can also have fun by theming the party games, and it's a lot easier to do than you might at first imagine.

For example, Pin The Tail On The Donkey might well be suitable for an animal themed party, but you might want to change the donkey into something else. So you could have Pin The Tail On The Tiger, or Pin The Fin On The Shark! Just print out a large picture of the animal in question, and then print off a spare copy, from which you can cut out the tail, fin or whatever you're going to use. Mount this bit on some cardboard, put a bit of Blu Tak on the back, and then get children to try to put it in the right place whilst blindfolded. Games such as Musical Statues can easily be themed of course by having the children prowling, swimming, stalking or galloping in the style of any type of animal, rather than simply dancing.

Extra points and prizes for statues which capture a particular good animal pose! Similarly Simon Says can include activities which are animal related rather than just standing on one leg or jumping. Musical Chairs is a good game to theme, because you can do without the chairs. If you're having a party at home this can often be a bit awkward anyway, with both space and the number of chairs being a problem. Instead, why not print off some images on paper and use these as islands. So, for a sea life party you could have coral reefs or anemones for the children to hide in or stand on to stay safe.

For a farm animal themed party you could print off a picture of a barn on each piece of paper and play Musical Barns instead. With a little thought it's surprising just how easily you can theme children's games. Certainly an animal themed party is always a popular choice. Why not check out our shop and discover the range of party supplies we have which tie in to the theme of animals?

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