Happy Common Sense Day... Oh The Irony

Published : 04/11/2011 14:18:44
Categories : Party Nostalgia

Do you know what today is? Apart from being a Friday (hooray!) and the day before Fireworks Night (yippee!) it also happens to be "Use Your Common Sense Day" (http://www.daysoftheyear.com/days/use-your-common-sense-day/). This is a great opportunity to berate those people who, for all their intelligence, seem to lack the one thing which ironically seems to be less and less common as the years go by. I often wonder whether common sense was so named as a sarcastic joke that most people never got. It certainly doesn't take a lot of effort to find extraordinary examples of a complete lack of common sense. In fact, we'd love it if you would use the comments box below to submit your own personal tales!

Here's one story we came across recently which illustrates why common sense may not be all that common. This event takes place in California, where a local airport had been suffering from a spate of thefts.

To combat this a security team was employed to patrol the area. Shortly thereafter two things happened. The number of thefts went down, and fuel consumption went up. This puzzling situation continued for a while, until one night a passerby happened to notice one of the planes on fire. The small airplane was rapidly becoming part of the runway, and nearby was one of the security guards, unconscious.

It turned out that he had been siphoning off the fuel from planes in order to fuel his car, but on this particular night he'd chosen a small plane with an unusual fuel system. He'd shoved his siphon into the tank, but hit upon a baffle, and couldn't get to the fuel. Rather than give up, he decided to get a good look at the inside of the plane's fuel tank. As it was dark, he decided the best way of examining a fuel laden fuel tank at night was to... light a match. So today, celebrate common sense, or at least have a laugh at the lack of it! Do send us your tales using the comments box below.

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