Happy Midlife Crisis, Sorry, Happy 40th Birthday!

Published : 23/09/2010 11:46:45
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Do you know an ancient old relic of a person who is approaching their 40th birthday? The big 4-0 is a special occasion in anyone's life, and an excellent opportunity for those family and friends nearest and dearest to the birthday boy or girl to take every possible opportunity to tease them about reaching such a monumental milestone as the big Four-Oh.

It is of course also an opportunity for anyone celebrating a 40th birthday to indulge themselves in fast cars, motorbikes or other luxurious and entirely unnecessary expenses under the excuse of a midlife crisis. At almost any other time of your life buying a sporty car, souped up motorbike or other potentially wasteful extravagance would be frowned upon by many.

But at 40 people stop frowning and begin shaking their heads sadly almost in pity, offering you the perfect excuse that it is simply "a midlife crisis." I remember quite a few years ago there was a common saying being muttered, particularly by those in their late 30s and early 40s that life begins at 40. Quite what it was supposed to mean is unclear, and it is unlikely that many people would choose to skip the first four decades of their life just so they can get on with living.

What's more likely is that those people in their early 40s realised that they now had the perfect excuse to spend their children's inheritance. But more recently this saying seems to have been replaced by the notion that life begins at 50, with more people in their early 50s seeming to enjoy life more than ever before, especially those able to take early retirement. Only last week I read a newspaper report which was strongly advocating the idea that in fact today's pensioners are enjoying a better quality of life than any of the rest of us, prompting the suggestion that life in fact begins at 60.

I'm starting to wonder whether, by the time I reach pensionable age, life will be beginning at a hundred, presenting me with the worrying possibility that I may not live long enough to reach the beginning of my life. But if you or someone you know is rapidly approaching their 40th birthday it's worth taking some solace in the fact that back in the Middle Ages reaching the age of 40 was an astonishing achievement. In fact the average life expectancy in the UK in the Middle Ages was just 35. Never mind life beginning at 40 then, since middle age was around about your 20s. It would be a depressing thought to skip straight from being a teenager to middle age in a single birthday. 40-midlife-crisis-banner-qa125But at Parteaz.com we like to help people celebrate birthdays and special occasions in style, and what better way of helping to remind that ancient old relic just exactly how old they are now by displaying our 40 midlife crisis banner exactly where they can't possibly miss it?

In fact we have a range of 40th birthday banners which can not only be placed in prominent positions throughout the house, but also across windows and doors in order to make sure that everybody in the area knows just exactly how ancient your friend or family member is. You might take pleasure in reminding them just how amazing it is, and that back in the Middle Ages they would be considered to be considerably beyond their life expectancy, and potentially even revered as an elder.

Just remind them though that today such reverence has given way to the mocking humour of displaying a 40 midlife crisis banner precisely where they will see it most often. However, please don't quote us if you decide to post the banner in the toilet, as with their increasingly weak bladder you consider it the most likely place for them to be helpfully reminded of their ancient status throughout the happy occasion. Happy 40th birthday from all of us Parteaz.com!

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