Happy Toothache Day Everyone!

Published : 09/02/2011 00:01:21
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Well, February 9th is here at last - the day you've been waiting for! Happy Toothache Day! No, seriously, we're not making this up. Today really is National Toothache Day, so from all of us, we hope you grin and bear it! Happy Toothache Day!Of course, we're in the party mood as ever, and in an effort to see the funny side of toothache, may we heartily recommend our wind up chattering teeth?

Whilst endeavouring not to recall in too much vivid detail the rather spooky Stephen King short story about a set of chattering teeth with a mind of their own, wind up teeth are one of the perennial favourites as far as jokes, humour and novelty is concerned.

At just a few pence each they actually make great toys for children's party gift bags, and as we often find, any wind up toy tends to result in races and competitions across the floor. When you've watched twenty pairs of chattering teeth natter their way across the village hall you almost start to see the funny side of having your wisdom teeth pulled. Happy Toothache Day!Then again, as it's

National Toothache Day perhaps the idea is to try to induce toothache, in which case why not combine the idea of sweets and cakes with our Basket of Sweets Cake? Just what the dentist ordered! We're wondering whether the fact that today is Toothache Day has anything to do with the fact that the world famous chocolate company

Hershey's was founded on 9th February 1894. But don't worry if the prospect of celebrating toothache all day doesn't fill you with delight, because tomorrow there's yet another treat in store. Yes, you've got it - tomorrow is National Umbrella Day... You know, we've got a sneaky feeling that someone somewhere has wa-a-ay too much spare time on their hands.

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