Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince – any Excuse for a Party

Published : 25/07/2009 05:46:04
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On July 15th the UK will once again be privy to the adventures of Harry Potter and his friends, and a Harry Potter party is the best way to bring in his new movie. By now, most of us have watched Harry Potter and his classmates grow up and battle evil as they learn to be the best sorcerers we’ve ever known. A Harry Potter party is simple to throw together and a lot of fun for adults and kids alike.

A Harry Potter party is all about the magic. You want to be sure that you set up your party supplies, your party confetti, and even your Harry Potter party invitations in a cloud of magical clout. Bring broom sticks and wands and gather your friends for the magical opening of the latest Harry Potter movie that will keep us abreast of the growing trends.

Your Harry Potter party doesn’t have to involve real magic, although if it does all the better. Just remember to label the pint glasses as magical potions, mix up some green tinged drinks, and bake up some magical biscuits that will make your curious guests want to try them, after they see someone else eat them first.

With a little eye of newt and wart of frog you and your adult friends can ring in the new Harry Potter party with the usual summertime enthusiasm and the joy that most of us experienced as children when we were about to see something truly special. For Harry Potter party fans, a simple reason like the movie release is most definitely enough of a reason to hold a party. Don’t hold back. Let your Harry Potter juices flow and set up a Harry Potter party that will knock the magical socks off your most creative friends

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