Harry Potter movie release party

Published : 25/03/2009 13:47:42
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Sometimes, thankfully, an author will create a world that is so real to you, so unanimously fun for your entire family, which you can't help but celebrate when another portion of that world comes to life. Such has it been with the world of Hogwarts and Harry Potter for my family. The good thing about it is that it's just right for all ages, and is loved by so many people, and you can include your entire family and even invite co-workers or other friends.

The night before the release is a great time to start building the excitement. We've always sent out the invitations for the party on parchment, with a letter inviting our friends to the first night of the New Year (whatever the year is the movie has been released) and a list of things they are expected to bring, like brooms, cauldrons, anything that might add to the atmosphere. Decoration is easy. I have made house flags by getting bolts of fabric in the right colours and printed off the symbols from the Internet and glued them on. Anything else in house colours is perfect. Black party supplies like paper cups and plates, table runners or streamers are ideal. Make sure that your guests show their own personal house pride by dressing up as their favourite characters.

It's easy to search for recipes on how to make pumpkin juice and butter beer, treacle tart, sausages, and beef stew which have been favourites for us in the past. For dessert, make sure that you top it off with an adorable Harry Potter cake. After having a great feast, we've always found it fun to play movie related party games, like Harry Potter Scene it, doing tea leave readings, or playing chess. Large groups need larger scale activities like tug of war between houses, or our own version of Quidditch including riding on brooms while attempting to play basketball and having a designated chaser to chase around a designated person as the snitch.

Over the years the only problem we have found is trying to out do the last Harry Potter party! These parties have become quite popular and we've had to think of other fun ideas, but then that's part of the fun of planning a party isn't it?

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