Has Anyone Ever Died Performing a Party Trick?

Published : 18/07/2009 11:17:02
Categories : Party Games and Ideas

Has anyone ever died performing a party trick? If you are talking about party tricks like making your thumb separate from its own knuckle then the answer would be no. However, any party trick that is steeped in magic or other art forms can be very dangerous when flames or chemicals are involved. The very basic premise of outdoing the last party trick has created a sense of urgency for some to learn party tricks that push the envelope.

Fire deaths related to party tricks are the top killer. In fact, more people are injured or killed while practicing the party trick rather than during the performance when flames are involved. Anyone under the age of 18 should not be permitted to engage in flame or chemical related party tricks as the largest number of party trick related deaths range from 12 to 16.

Fire safety is a very basic educational element, and your desire to perform a dangerous party trick should be reevaluated. There have been numerous incidents where the death or injury did not happen to the individual performing the trick, but a guest who gathered around to watch. Flame is not easy to direct and can ignite hair, clothes, and even the ground under certain circumstances.

It’s much better to stick with party tricks that use nothing more than the imagination and perhaps a thumb or two. There is no great competition to come up with the greatest and most dangerous party trick. You and your guests are much safer with a piñata and some basic party supplies versus a party trick that ends up going wrong. Your guests will still have a great time and everyone gets to party in a safe environment. This way you are sure you won’t become another party trick statistic.

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