Have A Cracking Time On National Egg Day

Published : 13/10/2011 22:43:04
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Woohoo - Friday 14th October is Egg Day! Oh how we have waited for this joyous occasion. Honestly, it really is Egg Day, we don't make any of this up you know - http://www.daysoftheyear.com/days/egg-day.

This truly cracking day was founded 15 years ago by the magnificent International Egg Commission. It sort of makes you wonder not so much whether they were having a slow day, but what exactly might consist of a fast day.

"Here Bill, I've just had a report in of an egg what had two yolks." "Two yolks Terry, aw that's nothing, I've just heard that a pack of eggs was sold in Kettering what had a feather in it! "By 'eck chaps, I reckon I can trump the both of you. I've jus' heard word that over in Hull a whole tray of eggs was dropped - yolks everywhere!" "Eeeh, what a day."

I mean, what exactly is an Egg Commissioner anyway? I just have an image of a man wearing a peaked cap and holding a clipboard stepping up to the hen house and saying, "Maud? Yes, we'd like to commission an egg please." "Cluck cluck!" Anyway, how you celebrate your Egg Day is up to you. I tried going to work on an egg once but I didn't get very far. Couldn't even support my weight. Perhaps the best way of celebrating Egg Day is to try to see how many puns you can squeeze into an average conversation.

Frankly I find it eggstremely easy to crack the odd yolk, but hen again I've often been called a right c... ..chicken. If you have children and want to be creative, why not teach them to blow eggs, and then paint them? It's simple to do, and something they rarely get to do these days. Remember, use a pin to pierce a hole in the top and bottom of the egg - often it's better to make a slightly larger hole than the width of the pin. Then place your lips against the bottom hole and blow, holding the egg upside down and over a bowl. Once it's empty give it a quick wash and then it's ready for painting. Or you could buy a Cadbury's Creme Egg and pretend it's Easter?

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