Have a Doctor Who - Deja Who Party

Published : 02/05/2009 08:08:00
Categories : Party Themes and Occasions

Judging by the number of action games, strategy games, puzzles and the like that are available to Dr. Who fans, it would seem a never ending supply of fun and involvement is there for the taking, so why not combine that availability with your own ingenuity and have a Doctor Who party. With very little effort, replicas of the Tardis can be built. The Dalek should be present and you won't want to leave out K9 Deja Who.   In fact a party cake made to look like Deja Who with grey icing and ears made from spoons is easy to accomplish and tasty too. Get a Doctor Who party pack with cups plates napkins a wall banner, party loot and invitations, have your guests dress as cyber crew or dress as the ood, Masks are available at party supply stores or even fancy dress shops. Once you have the cast and the set ready you can download Dr. Who theme music directly from the BBC to your MP3 player and get the full effect.

It would be well to contrive a battle between the Daleks and the Cybermen or the ood if you choose. The first team to find Doctor Who's memory (lost during a previous battle), wins. Have certificates ready for the winners with appropriate prizes on hand. When it's time to cut the cake a little ceremony for Deja Who would be in order, if your guests are kids you might want to make the cake into a tardis instead.

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