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Published : 09/11/2008 07:20:23
Categories : Party Food and Drinks

Let’s face it, you only get one birthday party a year, so it can be really hard to restrain yourself from unhealthy food and excess drinks when yours comes around. After all, you have probably fine tuned the art of eating healthy when it is not your birthday party, as you can always bow out at the last moment. However, when it comes time for your party, food is not quite so easy to turn away! The trick to keeping your diet at your event is planning your party supplies correctly and well in advance.

For example, just face it; you are going to eat a piece of cake. In fact you have to! Simply giving into the cake does not mean you have to eat three pieces, or even a large slice. Every diet that works, builds in time for a little splurge, so go for it, but keep your portion sizes reasonable. That taken care of, make sure you purchase your party food outside of the cake in closer line with your diet. When looking at what you need in terms of edible party supplies, avoid sweets in any shape or form and this means chocolate fountains too! As much as a sweet tooth as you may have, you are an adult now, so it’s time to keep the sweets off the party supplies list.   Next, take a look at your normal buffet menu. If you want crisps, consider twiglets or baked crisps instead. Cheese and crackers? Why not choose baked crackers and low fat cheeses such as mozzarella or Swiss. There's usually a healthier alternative to all your party favourites, so select yours and don’t give yourself the option to slip!

Plus, other than changing the 'picky' bits, there are plenty of healthy edible party supplies that you can purchase that will still satisfy your guests. This year, keep the vegetable tray; simply make sure your dip is low fat. A fruit watermelon bowl is also always a nice centrepiece for your buffet table, or even fruit shish kebabs if you want to add a little flare!

Of course you’ll probably have some kind of meat dish on your party supplies food list, especially if you have a summer birthday party. Chicken or prawns are always excellent choices. Prawns will make a fabulous low fat starter whilst chicken is always easy off the grill or BBQ either as a drumstick or a shish kebab. Butterfly Chicken breasts marinated in lemon juice, olive oil, garlic and sage tastes fabulous. Cook over a low flame for a thoroughly tasty, lean and healthy option.

This said, you should be able to see that keeping in tune with your diet at your party is not quite as hard as you may have first thought. Simply remember the last supply you will need is a little self-restraint!   Now, this said, it's your birthday, GO AND HAVE SOME FUN!

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