Have a tail wagging time with a Dog birthday party theme

Published : 06/02/2009 19:22:45
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One party theme that both young girl's and boy's usually enjoy is a dog birthday party. This is because something about canines seems to captivate young children. In fact, if you need further proof just look at how many childhood favourites include dogs, such as Snoopy, Underdog, the recent Marley, Scooby Doo, Lady & the Tramp, and many more. I wonder if the new animated film Bolt will create the next on screen Dog hero – if John Travolter has anything to do with it, then it's a no brainer…I digress.

Planning a dog birthday party theme may be all you need to put a smile on your young pup's face, although  I am assuming your pup is actually your child. Planning a dog birthday party is simple if you head online to purchase dog plates, napkins, tablecovers, and other basic party supplies. Of course, while you are purchasing your items you may also want to pick up a few dog’ centrepieces and dog foil balloons to place around the room to add more festivity to your party. Grab a few party bags for treats and you will have all your young guests barking in delight. Just make sure any chews you add to your bags are not of the cow hide variety.

One thing that makes an instant party hit is a face painting kit. Your child and their guests will wag their imaginary tails in anticipation of having their faces painted like their favourite canine hero. There are also plenty of free face painting ideas and step by step guides, for parents who want a little help to brush up on their painting skills, in preparation for this dog birthday party theme. Ideal support for those of you who are a little ruff around the edges!

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