Have an all chocolate party

Published : 23/05/2009 17:00:48
Categories : Party Food and Drinks

Unfortunately chocolate is no longer a sin, it would be so much more fun if it were, but the medico's couldn’t leave well enough alone and have found that chocolate can actually be good for you. Have a chocolate party. Do you remember fondue parties? Instead of hot oil and meat and bread and cheese, have warm chocolate and ice cold strawberries, and you don't even have to go to Wimbledon. Get some bamboo skewers and put them next to a large bowl of fresh strawberries and a pot of chocolate and have at it.   Another great idea to incorporate chocolate with your party is with a chocolate fountain. Your party supplies store will be able to rent you one and it makes a good centrepiece for your party table. Just plug in the fountain, and add chocolate, surround the fountain with bowls of marshmallows, strawberries, chunks of melon, especially fresh cantaloupe, and don’t forget the champagne. Nothing, I mean nothing, in the world is better than good chocolate, fresh ripe strawberries, and a really great champagne!

Add some really good friends and you have a simple, elegant, party just the thing prior to the theatre, or the races or polo or whatever you are into. Chocolate has been shown to raise ones libido so what better than an intimate party for two in the middle of winter, just you and someone you like, in front of a blazing fire, flannel pyjamas, warm slippers, warm milk and chunks of unsweetened bakers chocolate, who needs booze? Add a snow storm on the outside and take a picture; it's a veritable post card.

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