Have Your Birthday Cake and Eat It!

Published : 25/02/2009 07:28:02
Categories : Party Food and Drinks

Let's be honest, most of the time, the reason that we go to parties is because we know that they will be serving cake, and we're really disappointed when there isn't one. In fact, when I'm planning a party, I found myself drawn to the cake section first off, trying to plan a party around the different cakes that I wanted to try.

3-D cakes blow me away! There are just works of art! I honestly have seen some cakes that I'd feel really bad about eating. I found myself thinking about who I could throw a party for just so I could get some of the cakes that didn't fit my style, like a beautiful princess cake that my six year old nieces would go crazy for. The detail just blows me away. You can find cakes to fit almost any occasion. I can seriously feel my stomach growling when I search around the net looking at all those delicious cakes.   Specialty cakes are another thing that is amazing to me. If you have a picture of something, almost anything, than you can get a cake of that moment in your life. I got thinking about sending a picture of the place that I proposed at, for our three year wedding anniversary. The only problem would be that the cake may be too beautiful to eat.   The prices are usually very fair, especially for all of the work that goes into it and the amount of people that each cake would feed, although some cakes that go up to a few hundred pounds are sadly a bit beyond my price bracket. When you look at the detail on some of the birthday cakes and especially the wedding cakes, I can't imagine that I'd ever have the skill or patience to pull off such great works of art. Whilst I may not be able to afford those cakes I can at least appreciate the work put in that justifies the price these cake masterpieces demand.

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