Having A Party? There's An App For That…

Published : 15/05/2012 09:00:12
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Having A Party? There's An App For That…Technology and fun have long gone hand in hand, or mouse in hand, and when it comes to throwing a party it seems that there really is an app for that. We've been having a look around at some of the currently available iPhone apps specifically designed to help organise your party, and make sure it goes with a bang. We'll let you decide just how effective these apps are, and whether perhaps you're more likely to find yourself sharing a lonely white wine spritzer with Siri.


On our website we have a whole heap of party invitations which you can send out to friends and family giving them all the information they need to come along and have a great time. But perhaps you find writing personalised invitations on gorgeous paper and sending them by post or handing them over in person something of a chore. Perhaps what is missing is the lack of personal touch. Nothing says personal invitation as much as mass messaging. There are several iPhone apps designed to let you send invitations to everyone you wish to invite to your party. Most of these apps give you a huge choice of almost 6 different designs, most of which can be partially customised. Of course, the beauty of sending out an iPhone party invitation is that you don't have to feel forced to invite those neolithic technology-averse friends and relatives who have still not yet crawled out of the primordial soup and got themselves a smartphone. If they don't have an iPhone, they don't get an invite. Simples!

Drinks Planner

You know how it is, you invite a whole heap of friends over for a party, and then have absolutely no clue what drinks to get. Will three bottles of wine be enough for your party of 20? Will a four pack of lager be sufficient for your 12 raucous friends? Should you get one bottle of vodka and a couple of lemons, or a couple of bottles of vodka and a pomegranate? Decisions, decisions. The drinks planner app allows you to enter the number of guests coming to your party, the length of time your party is likely to last, and the type of drinkers who will be there. The app will intelligently deduce how much of each type of drink you should order. To be honest, if you feel you need an iPhone app to work out how many drinks your friends are likely to consume, it is fairly probable that these are likely to be the sort of friends you'll be meeting for the first time. For example, I know full well what drinks to buy teetotal Tina, and what my 28 stone alcoholic Aunt Maud with a face like an embarrassed beetroot with varicose veins is likely to be able to pack away.

Party Blowout

So you've invited your technologically obsessed friends over for a party, and you managed to calculate that the six of you will require approximately 13 bottles of ouzo, 4 gallons of cheap cider and a grape, but somehow the party lacks a certain pizzazz. You know what is missing? Party blowouts! Of course the only problem is that getting some party blowouts either means being organised in advance, and sending off for a box, or actually going out into the real world to something called a 'shop', and buying some. No problem, because even here the iPhone can save the day! Yes, there really is an iPhone app which simulates a party blowout. Frankly, if you feel this is genuinely a good idea, you have our deepest sympathy. There simply isn't anything else we can say about this one, except watch the video below.

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