Hawaiian Party Induldence

Published : 12/05/2009 16:31:42
Categories : Party Themes and Occasions

For those of you who can actually afford to go to Hawaii for a holiday I recommend the island of Kauai. As you may know Kauai has many almost inaccessible beaches, reachable by boat or by helicopter only. If you are looking for the most intimate Hawaiian party ever, take the helicopter, have the company pack a day box, the cost of this box depends on the contents, if you like Dom Perignon it will cost more than Frexinet, if you want Pate instead of ham sandwiches, it goes up some more.

You get the idea, anyway in this day box will be a blanket some Champagne, water, food, a distress thingy in case you cut your foot off or something, and anything else you might decide on for a couple of days comfort. The helicopter guy will put up a beautiful little shade pavilion with an air mattress and white sheets and pillows, a stand with a large bowl of fresh fruit and a lot of other stuff, in short a mini tropical paradise for two. Once everything is in place, don't worry the helicopter guy won't be gate crashing your Hawaiian party, he will leave and you will have this little beach to yourselves.

These beaches are small half moon shaped bits of sand with jungle behind and steep hills on each side. You will be left alone, the only way anyone can get there is by a vehicle that makes noise to let you know in advance that someone may be getting close, do you get my drift? So when the helicopter is out of sight, kick off your shoes, kick off your clothes and kick off your inhibitions, open the champagne and have a toast to your private Hawaiian party -no inflatable palm tree required! If you invited the wrong companion though, that's your fault.

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