He-He-Helium For A Party That's Sky High!

Published : 09/03/2011 14:44:01
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There's certainly no denying the fact that balloons really help to make a party get off the ground, and if those balloons are filled with helium, then so much the better. The range of helium balloons available is enormous, from new baby balloons to baby's 1st birthday, anniversaries, weddings, christenings, and almost any number birthday you care to imagine.

From princesses to dinosaurs, helium balloons have a magical appeal. But for many people there's only one problem - how to get them to the party? If you visit your local party shop they'll be able to inflate as many balloons with helium as you want - but just exactly how are you going to get them home? And if the party isn't at home, but perhaps at a local village hall, then you have the second challenge of transporting them there too. If you have a car then you'll usually find that the interior has been specially designed to be exactly two inches too small for the average helium balloon when fully inflated.

The doorways are tantalizingly close to allowing a balloon through, and the boot is just an inch away from closing once you've squeezed a couple in there. Perhaps in desperation you decide to tie them to the roof rack in a huge bundle, possibly with the consideration that it may slightly help your fuel economy. However, the moment you start driving you realise that the balloons are ricocheting all over the place bursting with sporadic enthusiasm and generally becoming terribly distracting, not to mention potentially dangerous. You may decide that your imaginative displays of colourful balloons may have to be toned down a bit, either to one or two small helium balloons, or ordinary balloons filled with air.

It's not quite the same thing though. But don't worry, because as ever we're here with a solution! If you order one of our great value disposable helium tanks we'll throw in 50 balloons for you free. We'll even throw in the ribbon for tying them together too. The disposable helium tank is large enough to inflate 50 of the large 9 inch balloons, or 25 of the extra large 11 inch balloons. It's so convenient because you can take the whole bundle with you very easily, and inflate the balloons right when you need them, where you need them. Things are looking up already aren't they?

Of course, by inflating your helium balloons almost at the last minute you'll be able to enjoy the balloons for longer. Sometimes people have to collect their helium balloons already inflated a day or two before the event. This means that the balloons may not be quite so perky when the big day dawns, and this can be a little disappointing. However, whether you're looking to give pre-inflated balloons a boost or you want your self inflated helium balloons to last even longer, why not pick up a bottle of our ultra high float?

This great stuff is easy to apply to helium balloons, and is completely invisible. It manages to make the skin of the balloon even more resistant to leakage, meaning that your balloons will last even longer and remain much higher. Don't forget that if you're not tying the helium balloons to things such as chairs or railings you'll need a balloon weight. These are very inexpensive, and we can supply a whole range to choose from. They also make it much easier to create bunches of helium balloons and place them on tables or in corners.

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11/03/2011 12:59:05

Balloons are great decorations for parties.

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