Heaven or Hell Party

Published : 03/02/2009 08:03:47
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My sister in law and her husband used to be part of a neighbourhood "gourmet" club. Once a month, the club got together at a club member's house for a gourmet meal. The hosts rotated, and everyone had to bring one dish that fit the theme for the evening. The couple hosting the meal got to pick the theme for that night's party and to embellish their house with appropriate party supplies and decorations.

One of their favourite party themes was Heaven or Hell. Each guest dressed as a well known, but now deceased, person. By the nature of your outfit, the other party guests had to guess if your person was in Heaven or Hell. The better your costume, the easier it was for the other guests to figure out who you were dressed as, and if that person really belonged in Heaven or Hell.

My sister in law and her husband went as a celebrity couple that had recently perished in an airplane crash. They wore tattered clothes, wigs, painted their faces, and took a propeller from the downed plane as a prop.

The party included a contest for best dressed and most accurate judgment. You had to defend your celebrity's eternal resting place. Other guests were free to disagree with your assignment of Heaven or Hell. You then had to convince as many as possible that your celebrity truly deserved to be exactly where you said they were.   Party food, as much as possible, was tied to the theme. The highlight of dinner was the Heaven and Hell cake, featuring layers of angel food cake and devil's food cake.

This was one of the highlights of the gourmet club’s year. My in-laws talk about it still...

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