Help Your Guests Make An Entrance With Door Decorations

Published : 07/06/2012 12:48:18
Categories : Party Planning and Entertainment , Party Themes and Occasions

Click here to browse our range of door decorationsIt's funny but often when people look at rooms and consider decorating them for a party they tend to stick with traditional decorations such as bunches of balloons in the corners of the room, banners across the window and walls, and then streamers hanging from the ceiling and the lights.

But what often seems to get overlooked is the doorway, and yet this can be a really fantastic opportunity to make a real entrance, quite literally. When you have decided on which room is going to be your party room, putting a door decoration up is not only quick and simple, but it makes it very clear that beyond this doorway lies fun. Think of it as a slightly more jolly version of the old 'here be dragons'. A door decoration signifies that once you step through, it's party time.

Our shimmer door curtains look and sound fantastic. The slightest movement of the air makes them shimmer and glisten, and as each guest parts the curtain and steps through they are surrounded by a halo of glittering coloured light.

A door decoration is also the first decoration many people see. It's a bit sad if your guest steps through the room and takes a few minutes before they look around and notice the decorations. Putting up a door dangler decoration or door curtain means that the very first thing they see is the way that the room has been transformed into a beautifully decorated party venue.

If you're theming your party, either to a specific number, or to something like Hollywood or the Wild West, then we have door decorations suitable for these too.

We have a number of numerical birthday door decorations which make it more than abundantly clear to every guest exactly how old the birthday boy or birthday girl is. Of course there's no reason why you can't use these numbers decorations for other things such as anniversaries.

If you're having a Wild West party then our Wild West door banner looks just like the old swinging saloon doors through which invariably either the good guy or the bad guy steps. It's funny isn't it that in all those old films no one else ever seemed to use the swinging doors? Help your guests to make a real entrance, and if nothing else remember that a shimmering foil door curtain also helps you to step out of the party room and become blissfully ignorant of the chaos within!

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