Hen Night Party

Published : 02/01/2009 14:14:17
Categories : Party Themes and Occasions

When it comes to throwing a Hen Night Party, you must realise that it is a time for the women to bond. The whole idea of the night is for the women to bond and make the most of the time left before the bride gets married. Common sense will tell you that the guests that you need to invite to this event will be the woman that will be attending your wedding.

The way that you decide to celebrate your hen night party is up to you. Drinking games are always a fun activity to throw in to spice up the celebrations. There are many games available such as kings, 7-11-, double and beer ping pong that can keep a party up and going. These games are more for the house hen party, of course a trip to the local clubs and venues are a great place to have fun, music, and a good old dance.

It is also a great and exciting opportunity to let people know you are getting married. Make sure you wear hen night party badges and a tiara with traditional L plates to identify yourself in the crowd. You will have people you don't even know congratulating you!

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