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Published : 12/11/2008 13:15:49
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If you are planning a hen night party for your favourite bride, no doubt you want to make sure she has the best time of her life, well next to her wedding day anyhow. Outside of the presents, there are many party products you can buy that might spice up her evening and give her the pleasure of clowning around with her girlfriends one last time before tying the knot.

Some of the party products you are going to need for a hen night party include a festive banner, some helium balloons, party food and drink and some items for party games you may wish to play. Of course, some of these things are simple to pick out, as hen party products are usually hot pink and red for a devilish night of fun.

However, some of the party products may require a little more thought on your part, such as planning everything you’ll need for the games beforehand. For instance, if you choose to play the sock game you will need some of the most popular honeymoon items, such as sunscreen, sunglasses, room keys, condoms, and of course the socks. This game always promises some fun for the bride as she watches her guests try to name the items in each sock, using only their feet. Whichever guest guesses the most items correctly gets a prize.

Which leads of course to different types of party products you are going to need - prizes for the guests. This will depend on how many winners you think you will have and how many games you may play – don’t forget drinking games count too! Whilst shopping for prizes, don’t forget to pick up a gift for the bride as well! After all, it’s still her hen night party and as her maid of honour, she is going to look forward to your gift especially!

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