High School Musical Party

Published : 24/12/2008 14:40:38
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Are you having a small herd of kid's over to visit?  Not sure what to do with them?  A party is in order, but what kind? How about a High School Musical party?   Collect a few CD's of kids music to start with and maybe the movie sound trek. Decorate with a musical notes sky scape and other High School Musical party supplies and decorations.

For instruments, you have a couple of options.  Depending on the ages of the children, you may want to consider a crafts project where the children can make their own instruments.  Coffee cans can be decorated and turned into drums.  Plastic cups with lids and a few coins can be turned into maracas. Cardboard can be cut into the shape of guitars, and rubber bands can be made into strings.   Play music while the kid's make their instruments, so they have a chance to hear, and maybe practice, the songs. For older children, or if you are not that crafty yourself, consider inflatable instruments such as guitars or saxophones.  I play a real sax, and my kids love these inflatable saxophones.  Truth be told, I think they sound better on their toys than I do on the real thing. Once the instruments are assembled, you can group the kids together as one big High School Musical band, a few smaller bands, or even as solo artists.  The ratio of kids to instruments will help determine how many kids play at one time.  The remaining kids can act as judges.  Play the CD's and let the kids sing and play along.   If you would rather not have a High School Musical party competition, the remaining kids can dance and sing along. Be sure to have your video camera handy, as this is guaranteed to be an entertaining adventure that all of the parents will want to see once the party is over.  Your guests will have a great time at your music party and so will you too.

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