High School Musical Party Premiere

Published : 04/03/2009 07:56:18
Categories : Party Themes and Occasions

Our neighbours across the street have a five and a half year old daughter. She is one week older than our daughter. Both kids love High School Musical. This came up in conversation recently, and my wife then told us about a party that our neighbour attended last year.

First, she received an invitation (I was surprised that the invitation wasn’t a High School Musical themed invitation). In the invitation was a ticket to a film. Our little neighbour and her mother dressed up in fancy clothes, complete with boas, gloves, and sparkly purses. The party started even before they left the house.

A taxi picked them up to take them to the cinema. When they pulled up, the driver opened the car door. They walked on a red carpet with velvet ropes on the sides from the car into the theatre. The red carpet led directly to the snack bar, where each girl (apparently only girls attended this party) was given a bucket of popcorn and a drink.

They presented their tickets, and were admitted into the theatre. While they waited for the premier, music was piped in and the girls danced. The music stopped, the kids took their seats, and the movie started. The show was stopped twice for intermissions, allowing the kids to dance and sing, or take care of other necessities, before resuming. Once the show was over, all of the girls came together in front of the screen to sing the last song. They were given a souvenir, and the taxi took them home again.

My daughter heard us talking about this High School Musical party premiere, and immediately wanted to know why she didn’t go. I made the mistake of saying, "maybe next time". I was immediately informed that a Hannah Montana movie was coming out this spring – I just hope a regular Orange Wednesday cinema excursion and a few party bags will meet her expectations!

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