Holy Party Themes! It's The Caped Crusader, And He's Armed With Party Bags!

Published : 04/08/2010 23:10:23
Categories : Party Food and Drinks , Party Planning and Entertainment , Party Themes and Occasions

Kapow! Thwak! Oof! "Holy Party Bags, it's a Batman themed party!" Oh we do all love our themed parties don't we? Apparently some people even have themed parties for children, but we know that secretly you're thinking of having a Batman birthday party for your 30th, aren't you? Of course, one of the great things about having kids is that you can pretend your Batman party theme is for their benefit, whereas in fact you've just spend £80 hiring a full adult's costume complete with muscle pack. For the kids, of course.

They'll love it. Dad in a Batman costume in front of all their friends. What could go wrong? Slap! Down goes the Batman party tablecover. Whizz! Deftly sliding into place are the Batman party plates. Flick! Out go the Batman party napkins. Setting up a Batman birthday party is almost as much fun as the party itself. If the caped crusader did parties, they'd certainly be full of onomatopoeic speech bubbles. Holy vocabulary!

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