Horse party treat

Published : 28/02/2009 07:29:03
Categories : Party Themes and Occasions

My eight year old son and my five year old daughter both used to attend the same pre-school. We sent them to preschool in part to give my wife a break, but also as preparation for their first full year in school. We were a bit unsure about what pre-school to select, but talked with friends and family to finally settle on one.   Our son was the experiment, and he had a great time. We loved his teacher and the school administrators. Every week they had some kind of party. My wife was a frequent visitor at the school, and brought my daughter with her.

My daughter could not wait until it was her turn to go. She was especially excited about the horse party. One of the school's neighbours owned a horse farm, and every year they brought three horses over to the school for the kids to ride. The teacher made a full day of it including all kinds of decorations and picnic party supplies for all the kids.

My daughter was at the party when my son was a student, but she fell and hurt herself. This kept her from taking a turn on the horses. She dutifully waited two more years before it was her turn to go to school. Once she started, she had to make it all the way through the autumn and winter, before the horses came back in the spring. She counted down the days for us, so that we all could be prepared for her horse party day. I have rarely seen that little girl so happy as when she was lifted on that horse and got to ride around on it. That in itself was a treat.   My son was happy to hear about her finally riding the horse too. He reminded her that now she was ready to try and ride an elephant, just like he did.

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