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Published : 17/05/2009 17:48:16
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This summer why not get all the family together at your place and host an outdoor summer BBQ party. If you are new to the art of the BBQ it isn't as daunting as it might at first seem, BBQ's come in all shapes sizes and price ranges and cooking on them is a snap. For the beginner I would suggest a small charcoal fired, open tub unit that simply requires a few charcoal briquettes and something like starter fluid to facilitate getting the coals going.

If you are new, you need to pick easy to grill food like hot dogs and hamburger meat, let the charcoals burn until they are grey and not putting out any flame just a nice red glow. Put your meat on the grill and while you are watching for flare-ups someone else can get the buns ready. Have all the condiments available so when the meat is ready the preparation is at a minimum and the hot dog or hamburger can be enjoyed whilst still smokin' hot. For you who are old hands at the BBQ but have not tried using a smoker you might want to give it a shot. Choose the wood carefully as smoking imparts a lot of flavour into the meat.

If you get the wood from your local BBQ supplier it will already be chipped and for this reason if for no other it might be well to support that particular shop. Soak the wood chips for a few hours allowing the wood to soak up the water; you want smoke not fire so the longer the better. If your grill has a smoker pan you are in business, if not you will need to put the chips directly on the coals and replace them fairly regularly when they start to burn. Add some steaks and all the fixin’s and your BBQ party is off and running.

Theme your BBQ party if you like; how about a few party supplies to include an inflatable palm tree and a pineapple hanging ceiling decoration or two. Why not serve each guest  a coconut cup with a flower straw, filled to the brim with watermelon vodka for a real Hawaiian party flavour. Add in a few party games and cool down with a Water Pistol Shootout - just mind the buns

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