Host an Open Bar Party in Your Back Garden this Summer

Published : 23/06/2009 10:38:29
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An open bar party is generally synonymous with expense. With most people tightening their belts right now, hosting an open bar party in the back garden might seem like a fruitless expense that you just aren't comfortable taking on at this time. While this is understandable, there are some ways to throw a fantastic open bar party without breaking the bank.

If you usually have the open bar party in your back garden resting in the hands of a professional bar tender, try a new adventure for you and your friends. Some people are fine tending bar at their own party while others feel as though they will miss the party altogether if they sit behind the bar all night. You can open up a bar in your back garden, start the party, and allow your guests to try their hand at tossing their own bottles. Don't forget to provide plenty of cheap disposable glasses, sraws, parasolses and oodles of ice. As the night moves forward and a little more alcohol floats around, you will find some very willing participants who are looking to Coyote Ugly it all the way into the predawn hours.

If funds are really tight, you can assign each attending couple with the responsibility of handing in one bottle of open bar party supplies upon their entry into the back garden. You can assign anything from rum to beer to margarita mix. All you need to do is turn it into a game of sorts, and most people will respond with their bottle in hand. You might have to purchase a few bottles of the most popular drink mixers, but offering free entry into your open bar party for the exchange of a full bottle upon entry is going to save a lot of money. Why not serve up some home made Summer Party Punch, the ideal way to make your drinks go further.

Finding some interesting little snack foods that cost very little to put together for your open bar party is a great place to cut costs. If you generally put out foods that cost you an arm, leg, and perhaps even an additional appendage, then simplify it. People come for the fun and the open bar party, not to pass judgment on how much you spent on the party so go to Iceland!

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