Host your own Harry Potter Premier Party

Published : 22/05/2009 06:05:16
Categories : Party Themes and Occasions

A new Harry Potter book or the release of a new Harry Potter movie is cause for celebration all over the civilized world, and why not, Harry Potter is good clean fun and a welcome change from a lot of the faire our kids are exposed to on a daily basis. Why not reinforce your preference for the works of Ms. JK by having a premier party to celebrate. Just as some of the older kids (and grownups too) dress for the Rocky Horror Picture Show so can your kids dress up to see the latest pick down at the cinema.   Any party supplies shop will have a wide range of Harry Potter supplies and you don't need to spend a lot to dress up the gang. Being a minimalist myself I rather like the idea of getting everyone a pair of Harry's glasses and leaving it at that. For the older kids just having the whole gang show up at the pictures, all with Harry Potter spectacles on would be a really fun thing for them to do. And it would look cool.   For those of you not so inclined you can go the whole Hogwarts and get everything including a different costume for each guest. Some could be Wizards, with a magic wand and a wizard’s hat. Dress your party area with party tablecloths depicting the Potter theme, matching napkins and special invitations will all add to the atmosphere and all are readily available at the party store. Depending on the age group involved you may like to offer party bags with an owl bean bag toy, some stickers, Harry's very own spectacles and some bath bubbles. Sometimes the newly released Harry Potter books can be hard to come by for awhile, if you can get your hands on a copy early on, you might offer it as a main party prize - and there’ll be plenty of competition for it.

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