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Published : 12/01/2009 18:30:13
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My sister in law hosted a very interesting, and fun, party last year. The family was together for a birthday party, and all the kids were all having a great time playing with their cousins. After dinner, the adults were invited to participate in her wine tasting party.

She had recently taken a job as a sales person at a multi level marketing company that sold wine. The idea was that she would throw a wine tasting party, the party guests would pick the wines they liked best, and then order a couple of bottles, or a couple of cases. My sister in law would then get some commission on the sales she was responsible for.

To her credit, she explained all of this ahead of time, so we all knew what we were getting in to. There was no mystery about the intent. We would be her first party, so we should expect a rough spot or two along the way.  She was very well prepared. She had a selection of cheeses and crackers to enhance the flavor of the wines, and water to cleanse the palate between wines.  We were instructed to take a plastic glass, this was a tradeoff between the wine's taste being affected by the plastic versus the next wine's taste being affected by the previous wine.  Unlike professional wine tasting, we were expected to taste and swallow the wine. That was the only acceptable option. 

We would start with light wines, and move into progressively more hearty wines. She then pulled out the wine.  We started out very disciplined and organized, but before long the "swallow only" policy, combined with the "empty the glass" policy, caught up with us.

Apparently the wine tasting party was a great success and my wife and I were excited to take delivery of our order when it arrived. Imagine our surprise when, with clear and sober heads we realized just how many cases of wine we had actually ordered! 


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