Hosting a party at the Zoo

Published : 25/04/2009 16:06:09
Categories : Party Venues

I don't know many kids that wouldn't enjoy a day having a party at the zoo. For that matter I don't know many adults that wouldn't either. Kids and animals just seem to get along and with a little pre-planning you and your kids and their friends could have one of those memorable days that the kids will be talking about for weeks.

Most party supply stores will have zoo or Jungle party themed accessories like paper plates with animals on them and cups and napkins with a zoo motif. Some zoos will even cater parties with food and party bags as part of the package; a benefit to a zoo run party would be if a tour of the zoo was part of it. Wandering around looking at animals gets boring for anyone after a while so it's a good idea to break it up a bit.

Most zoos have picnic grounds, so a stop or two during the day for a little rest and some party food would be in order especially if your guests are very young. If the gathering were a birthday party, one of these rest stops would be a perfect opportunity to have the cake and give out the gifts. Depending on the age of the group you might want to elicit the aid of a few parents as chaperones, keeping track of more than three or four kids at a time is an exhausting and almost impossible task, that being said, a party at the zoo is still at the top of the list for a great time.

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