Hosting your own fashion show

Published : 25/02/2009 14:08:19
Categories : Party Themes and Occasions

My wife enjoys holding impromptu fashion shows. When she buys clothing, she usually purchases several items, brings them home to show me, and returns the ones she likes the least. She claims that I help her decide what to keep and what to return. I believe that my role in this exercise is to figure out what she has already decided, then agree with it.

She has my eight year old son and five year old daughter do the same thing too. They grumble a little bit about this, especially my son, but do have fun once they get started. After Christmas this year, everyone got some clothes, so we had an impromptu fashion show party. My wife went first, showing jeans and tops. I got lucky here, because I could offer critical comments without being critical of her selection.

My son went next. His contribution to the fashion show party was snow pants, gloves, a pair of jeans, and a shirt with our favourite football team's logo on it. He enjoyed his part, but not nearly as much as my daughter. She had a hat, skirt, a blouse, and three dresses. She went out of her way to find some accessory to match each dress. Her choices included shoes, a belt, and a purse full of incredibly valuable prizes and merchandise.

I thought I was going to be off the hook for this party, because I did not get any really cool clothes for Christmas. My son pointed out that I did get some new socks, so I was pressed into trying on my new socks and showing the family. We all agreed that black was a good colour, and that the new socks made my feet look smaller. I put on some shoes to see how they went with the socks – my wife pointed out that they would probably have looked better if I had been wearing some other clothes, whilst my children nearly chocked themselves laughing.

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