House Crawl Party

Published : 03/12/2008 08:10:01
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This is an idea that I heard about recently so I can't claim the credit for it, nor can I take the blame if it all doesn't go to plan! The idea is to swap the traditional pub crawl for a food based house crawl party. The idea is that the various courses of the party food menu take place in different houses. For example the starters will be held at one house or group of houses, main courses in someone else’s house and the deserts in the next unsuspecting party goer's house! A great idea to throw some extra entertainment in would be to designate a coffee and biscuits house as well.

In order to keep the party safe, the party organisers need to allocate everyone into small groups and identify them with different coloured party plates or balloons. If there are enough people involved then couples can be split up in order to talk to different people, maybe change the groups for each course of the party food. There are many advantages to this method of partying, less pressure on one household to cook and clean. It's a good chance for people to do what they are good at, so if you shine in cake baking department make sure that the deserts are held at your gaff.

The house crawl party is also an excellent chance to get some exercise! Of course common sense needs to be used and the friends/neighbours need to be local rather than streets away otherwise things could start to get complicated. Baby sitting will also be made a lot easier organising one baby sitter for them all in one house, although the kids may be happier to come on the adventure with you.

You can mix the kids up as well as parents and everyone can make new friends along the way. So next time you are at home bored stiff, or at a boring party just take a look out of the window and keep an eye out for the happy people carrying their party plates and balloons around, simply work out where you would rather be and what you would rather be doing to pass your time. You know where to get all the gear and party supplies so what are you waiting for, plan your own house crawl party today!

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