House warming party to break in your new home

Published : 06/12/2008 14:00:34
Categories : Party Themes and Occasions

Moving house is an experience that most of us will encounter in our life time. The whole ordeal of having to move your possessions from one house to the next and to make sure that they are all accounted for can be a nightmare. I had a brain wave whilst talking to my wife, I was totally fed up of the whole un-packing situation and decided to enlist some help.

So I threw a house warming party, but instead of asking the guest's to bring a gift (I only invited those nearest and dearest that could be trusted amongst my worldly items), I asked them all to unpack the boxes and arrange my furniture in an orderly manner around our new home! Must say that my wife was a little worried and she quickly hid the underwear draw prior to their arrival.   Other than that, the house warming party went down a treat, we all had a few glasses of wine, wore some traditional party hats and played some classic tunes whilst unpacking our items. Obviously I locked the doors both front and back, for fear my guests might become bored prematurely and try to leave! Oh yes the party also led to the sale of part of my record collection that was taking up valuable space in the record box! And therefore the house warming party made me a few quid too. Be warned though, this is not a great idea for those who like their privacy. And you must trust those who will be attending this kind of event, unless you're really desperate and can bare the moving thing no more, in which case just go for numbers, invite everyone and simply take your chances!

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