How About A Little ART In Your P-ART-Y?

Published : 14/08/2010 09:33:29
Categories : Party Food and Drinks , Party Themes and Occasions

It's not often you come across a special birthday cake that's perfect for both adults and children, but our artists palette cake is exactly that. Do you know a child who loves to draw and paint? If you have an artistically minded child then this is the perfect birthday cake. But for any adult who loves art and drawing, this works just as well.

Of course, you can have it personalised with a message, because there's a good space of room on the white 'canvas'. So for children you can have a special birthday message, and for adults too. But the beauty of the artists novelty cake is that it doesn't even need to be particularly for a birthday. Perhaps someone's celebrating having just completed an art course, or gained a scholarship or place at college or university studying art. Perhaps a new career in the art world, the launch of a new exhibition or gallery - the list is almost endless, and this cake can be personalised to match any occasion.

The trouble we've found in the past with some special novelty cakes is that they look fabulous, but taste pretty bland. Not so our artists palette cake! In fact we take our novelty cakes very seriously, and can personally vouch that it's delicious! We have had a lot of feedback from people (some of which you can read on our testimonials page) with a great many comments about the taste of our novelty cakes. Another benefit of our artists novelty cake is that it's easy to slice up.

It's often funny how people don't think about how to cut up and serve a cake, but with this one it's pretty easy to do, meaning that if you are celebrating the opening of a new wing at the Louvre, you're not going to be getting icing and jam all over the nearest Da Vinci.

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