How about a Tailgate Party Blighty?

Published : 27/01/2009 17:53:07
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Looking for a unique party idea? Want to make sure you avoid another Disney princess party? Don't want your house destroyed by your guests? Then throw an American style tailgate party! Every weekend between the end of August and early February all across the United States, tailgate parties can be found in parking lots of American football stadiums on college campuses, universities, and cities that are home to professional teams in the National Football League.

A tailgate party combines a love for greasy barbecued food, beer, and your favourite team. The party is held at or near the stadium. The tailgate of your pickup truck (you have a pickup truck, don't you?) is lowered and serves as a table. Charcoal or gas grills are lit to cook hot dogs, hamburgers, and bratwurst. Plenty of meat is mandatory. Bring plenty of plates and napkins that match your team colours (my favourite NFL team colours are black and gold).

Beer is also an important component of any true tailgate party. Another great option to prepare at home is a Jelly shot. These are made with Jelly and vodka. Pudding shots can also be made with Bailey's Irish Creme. Both of these options can be done in team colours, thereby helping your party guests to maintain their focus on the game.

A real tailgate party starts hours before the game. If you are hosting one at your house, you can start at any time. Be sure to provide snacks while the meat cooks. A big batch of chili can keep hungry guests at bay while you cook. Another great point about the tailgate is that all of your party supplies have to fit in the truck. No frilly tablecloths or fancy glasses to get knocked over and broken.

Bring a ball to throw around, and have your entire party outside. Even if your team loses, you'll have a great afternoon.

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