How Do You Make Your Child's First Birthday As Good As Their Last One?

Published : 25/08/2010 21:59:47
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When it comes to first birthday parties there is one clear advantage: at least it can't be compared to any of your child's previous birthday parties. There is no likelihood of your child complaining that their last birthday party was much better, or they had more presents last year, or that you spent more money on their birthday party in the past.

But of course having said all that you will inevitably want to spend time and effort making sure that everything is just right. After all you only get one chance at getting a first birthday party absolutely perfect. Mind you, you only get one chance at your 37th birthday party, your 43rd birthday party and indeed every single other birthday party in your life.

But that isn't the point. A first birthday party is a truly special occasion, and one which you will want to make sure is beautiful. It is at around their first birthday that most babies really start to look and behave like little boys or little girls, and most parents, especially new parents, are keen to make sure that their child's first birthday party is an event at which everything that makes them unique is celebrated in style.

By the time they have their first birthday your child is unlikely to have discovered the secret of the universe, achieved world peace, or done much else apart from dribble a lot, get through an extraordinary number of nappies, and discovered at least 14 different ways to throw their food on the floor. But the one thing they will have achieved by the time they are one is that they will have grown from being a baby into a little boy or little girl, and it is this which is often a key component in the birthday celebrations.

For little boys, the wrapping paper has to be blue, the banners have to be blue, and even the cake has to be blue. For little girls there has to be as much pink throughout the house as is conceivably possible. We have a fantastic range of banners, invitations, cups, table decorations and even cakes that are perfect for your little boy's first birthday party or your little girl's first birthday party. They might not remember their first birthday party, but almost certainly somebody there will remember to take the odd photograph or two.

For new parents it can be a little difficult to know exactly what to do for a first birthday party, and after inviting various friends and family along it's not always easy to know how to fill the hours in such a way that your one-year-old will not feel as though the celebrations are all centring on how astonishingly it is that as parents you have actually managed to survive 365 days without sleep, rest or peace and quiet. It is important to remember that it is your child's first year on earth that you are celebrating and not your achievement, despite the latter being almost certainly deserving of a medal.

If you attended antenatal classes or prenatal classes then you may have struck up friendships with other new parents, and very often people will invite those parents and their young children to your child's first birthday party. But exactly what do you do with half a dozen or more one-year-olds? When my child was one we hired a huge ball pool and threw all the children into that for most of the time we were all there. When I say throw, I clearly mean placed carefully and lovingly amongst the cleaner looking balls. This worked extremely well, and a number of other parents did likewise. If you have any suggestions or would like to share your experiences of your children's first birthday parties why not send us a comment below?

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