How Much Booze Should I Take to a Party?

Published : 15/04/2009 13:38:56
Categories : Party Food and Drinks

Figuring out how much booze you should take to a party isn't always easy. Bring your own booze parties are generally thrown to save money on the high price of alcohol. First and foremost, never bring booze to a party that is being hosted by a recovering alcoholic, a religiously dry home, or a non-drinking family party. Outside of that, it’s generally a good idea to bring enough booze to the party for you to partake and even do a little bit of sharing. This is especially true if you are bringing an unusual drink to the table.

If you are a mixed drink fan, then don't forget to bring your own mixer to the party. Remember that the party will end and your party throwers might not be interested in overnight guests passing out on the couch. You also need to remember that you have to get back home safely and responsibly in order to stay safe. That said, it's always best to gauge your friends before loading up the party mobile with tons of liquor. Do your friends tend to drink themselves silly at a party or is there little chance of anyone becoming party-happy-drunk?

If the party is a drinking party that has the potential to become an all out drunker than skunks party, don't forget to bring a little nip of something special for the hosts. Little bottles of booze that come in sample pack sizes, make really great favours for party bags for guests if you can afford it. Fill a party bag with a few sample bottles, a cheap plastic wine glass, and perhaps a few goodies like confetti or party poppers. Have a great party!

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