How much to spend on your kid's Party Bags?

Published : 15/01/2009 19:38:59
Categories : Party Planning and Entertainment

Kid's Party bags can present a problem for hosts, particularly if you are hosting a party for kids that go to each other's parties. We have this exact situation with my eight year old son. He has played football with a group of boys for the last three years, and they have all become good friends. They invite each other to their birthday parties. The question this presents to my wife and I as parents is, how much do we spend on party bags when we host a party for my son and his teammates?

I know we are not the only parents who wrestle with this question. We have talked more than once with other parents on the topic. What we have seen is a rise, then a crash, in party bag spending. Our son comes home from a party with a party bag, and we get a sense of how much was spent on each bag. For the next party he goes to, the parents will spend roughly the same amount of money, only maybe just a little bit more. The parents who throw the next party will do the same thing, and gradually the spending on each party bag slowly creeps up.

Then, a couple of parents who have kid's with an upcoming birthday will get together and discuss party bag spending. We will agree that spending has gotten out of hand, and that we will spend less for each party bag. My son's birthday is in December, so we are always part of the discussion around end-of-year birthday parties.  

          This is the crash. Party bag spending is reduced in November and December. Then, the January birthday party usually sees a slight increase in party bag spending, and the cycle starts all over again. Ultimately, it's the parents at the next party that decide how much to spend on the kid's party bags but in this economic climate it would seem that doing it for less is best.


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