How Not To Have A Smashing Time With Glassware

Published : 25/08/2011 16:32:48
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Cheers! Clink! Smash! Oops... Summer parties, outdoor barbecues and picnics away from home are all very lovely, but when it comes to glassware there can be a bit of a problem. First of all, there's the challenge of trying to find somewhere to put it carefully in order to travel to wherever you're going.

This is made a good deal easier if the event is taking place in your back garden, but anywhere further afield and you end up wrapping each glass individually in about thirty sheets of kitchen roll, then weaving kitchen towels between each one before lovingly placing the resulting package on the very top of everything else.

Throughout the whole trip you're worrying about whether you'll crack one, and then afterwards you have the same dilemma again, although everyone will have thrown away the paper towels by then so you'll end up having to improvise. Even at home there's a risk. What could possibly go wrong when you combine a horde of people in a fairly limited space, a dozen fragile glasses and music, dancing and games? The answer to all these problems is an oxymoron. No, I'm not being rude - it's plastic glasses. plastic-martini-glassNow, these are quite different from those glass plastics, because plastic glasses are supremely practical. They are very robust, can't easily be broken, and even if they do get broken they only cost a few pence each, and there aren't any sharp, dangerous shards that could cut people. A broken glass on your patio means a real danger to anyone walking in the area, especially children and pets.

Drop a plastic glass and the chances are it won't even chip. Some people do think that it looks a bit cheap serving a martini or a white wine in a plastic beaker, but this doesn't have to be the case.

It's possible now to buy plastic glasses in a wide variety of shapes and styles, from white wine glasses, red wine glasses, champagne flutes and martini glasses, and in many cases the person with the drink won't even know the glass isn't real, because they're firm and beautifully made, (the glasses, not your guest!) In any case, after a few more drinks no one will even care whether they're drinking from your John Calleija diamond studded crystal champagne glasses or an 84 pence plastic champagne flute from us. The only difference will be your blood pressure and bank balance should one of your guests have an accident.

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