How Not To Pin The Tail On Spiderman

Published : 31/08/2010 20:12:50
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No children's party would be complete without games. Children love playing games, and there are many traditional party games which have certainly stood the test of time. But it can sometimes feel a little difficult for parents knowing whether they should plan for the games, what games they should plan for, what games are likely to go down well, and which games aren't.

Certainly there are many pitfalls awaiting parents who don't prepare for party games effectively. You may have chosen the perfect gift for pass the parcel, wrapped it lovingly in 99 layers of different wrapping paper, but the moment you start playing your favourite Cliff Richard tracks you'll probably notice a very slight decline in the overall fun and enjoyment that the children are having.

One of the things which you can do beforehand is to ask your own children what sort of party games they would like to have. If they've been to one or two other parties they may already be able to give you a little inside advice as to which party games gone down best and why. But it's also possible to create your own twist on some traditional party games depending on the theme of the party.

For example, trying to introduce pin the tail on the donkey in the middle of a Spiderman themed party is unlikely to go down well. However, trying to stick the spider symbol on Spiderman's outfit is probably going to go down quite well. The two things to make sure you bear in mind are that you should always have more than enough prizes to give out, and be prepared to scrap the game if it's not going well and throw the party open to suggestions. Throughout this blog we will try to include a few party game ideas to help you along, but if you have any ideas or experiences of your own why not leave a comment and share your thoughts with other parents?

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