How To Be More Creative With Birthday Banners

Published : 28/08/2012 10:57:20
Categories : Party Planning and Entertainment

Before you stick a couple of birthday banners up on the walls for your child's birthday party, why not be a little more creative instead? Here are a few ways in which you can use traditional birthday banners rather than just sticking them on the wall, and occasionally sticking them on the wall at a rakish angle for variety!  

1. Create a door frame. Buy a few birthday banners and use them to cover the door frame of the room, creating a great looking entrance. Place the first two or three up the doorframe on each side, and then one or two across the top of the door frame. This makes a colourful entrance and defines your party room.

2. Tape two together and create a wearable sash for the birthday child.

3. Tape several all the way around the birthday table, taping across the top of each banner so that they hang down in a sort of sash or curtain all the way around.

4. Create an entrance by taping several birthday banners vertically from the top of the doorframe, so that they create a sort of banner curtain for people to walk through.

5. Use either birthday banners or wrapping paper to decorate the birthday child's chair for the party food, to help them feel even more special. 6. Tie a bamboo cane or similar pole to the front gate or fence, and then attach a birthday banner to the top, like a flag. Alternatively, tie two canes, one to either side of the gate and attach one or several birthday banners across the poles, creating a sort of archway.   Do you have any other ideas for how to use birthday banners in a more creative way for a child's birthday party? If you have any suggestions please do share them by leaving a comment below. Or of course, we always love to see your photos!

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