How To Blow And Decorate Real Eggs For Easter

Published : 15/04/2012 12:29:34
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Decorating real eggs for Easter can be a great activity to share with the children, and it's pretty straightforward. By picking up a box of eggs, some pens, paint and other optional accessories such as googly eyes and felt shapes you can have a lot of fun. With this sort of activity it's often helpful to see how it's done rather than read about it, and having done some research I've selected the following video as offering the best and easiest tutorial to follow on how to make and decorate eggs for Easter. Personally I'm fine with letting my child blow an egg himself, although obviously it's important to wash the egg, and to clean it again after you've pierced a hole, but this is entirely up to you. In this video it is recommended to hang the eggs up using thread, but they can also simply be piled into a glass bowl for a fantastic table decoration. They should also last for years, as long as they were thoroughly cleaned to begin with, and you don't forget where you put them and end up stacking a box of books on top!

If you try this yourself do please send us a photo of your finished artwork so we can share it with everyone. Obviously we'll give you full credit!

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