How to choose a Children's party entertainer

Published : 10/11/2008 19:12:55
Categories : Party Planning and Entertainment

Hiring a talented and professional children's party entertainer for your child's birthday, is a guaranteed way to ensure that everyone has fun, and that the party is a hit. There is such a variety of entertainers available, however it can be difficult to know where to start. What kind of entertainment would best suit?

Ask any party organiser this question and they will say that the most important thing to consider is the age of the birthday child and their friends. If you're choosing a party entertainer for a very young child, then it's best to keep things simple. Young kids (0-3 years old) are unpredictable, and have short attention spans. Children aged 9 – 12 years old however consider themselves grown-ups compared to the younger ones and will be often be quite critical of anything that they consider childish or beneath them. Children aged between 4 and 8 however are usually considered easier to entertain. They are able to understand jokes and games and revel in their childishness with ease.

There are many types of children's party entertainers available – magicians, clowns, jugglers, puppeteers, ventriloquists, face painting artists, musicians. Clowns can be a hit or miss, with some children finding them terrifying. Most professional clowns however will be aware of this and it generally isn’t a problem. This returns us to the issue of how unpredictable children are! I was at one party where a perfectly competent ventriloquist turned up, with his girlfriend just tagging along for the show. The kids quickly lost interest in the entertainer and flocked around the congenial young lady bombarding her with questions and having a wonderful time. The moral of the story is that it is usually best to have plenty plan b's and that distraction is the first tool of the children's party entertainer!

The internet as well as your local telephone directory, are good places to begin your search for an entertainer. Reputable professionals will often have DVD’s showcasing their act. The best way to choose, however, is to go on word of mouth. If a friend recommends a particular children’s party entertainer then it is well to consider them. They will have seen them perform and know how they react in the live, freewheeling atmosphere of a children's birthday party.

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William Smith

11/11/2012 14:35:53

Great post! Keep it up.

Neale Bacon

11/11/2008 04:41:55

It always pays to do a little research on your entertainer but remember that many party entertainers do private gigs and don't often have video of those events because of privacy concerns.In other words, just because they don't have a DVD, doesn't mean they are less than reputable - as this article would seem to imply.

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